Arum Remote Care

Assisting patients recover through medication adherence and compliance

Arum Health values the systematic process that Medication Therapy Management (MTM) and Transition Management Service (TMS) programs use to collect patient and medication related information that occurs during the pharmacist-patient encounter.


Most MTM and TMS service that have comprehensive 30 day guided program will provide the patients with their five core components – a medication therapy review (MTR), personal medication record (PMR), medication related action plan (MAP), intervention and/or referral, and documentation and follow-up.


The Arum health platform offers the necessary bases to implement and carry out our services  in the therapeutic area, our tools are designed to facilitate telemedicine actions. If you have a therapeutic area that you need to lead to success with your clients, this is the option. Our approach includes mental health and family services, plus a wide range of chemical dependency treatments.

Patient Engagement

Providers and payers recognize the benefits of patient engagement that assist them reduce hospital readmissions.

Technology Monetization

Providers are able to monetize a tech services that was considered an expense while payers evaluate effective programs.


Behavioral healthcare, transitional care, assisted living and remote care programs – Medication Therapy Management (MTM) and Transition Management Service (TMS).

Medication profile managed via dashboard.

Ability to pull data from in-house apps; i.e. prescription app.

Patients are reminded to take medication.

Patients can note mood and explain why they skip their meds.

Implement a point system to increase adherence.

Patient may ask questions.

Family members can view patient's medication, adherence, and status.

Family is able to write comments and/or ask questions.

Patients will receive alerts 7 days prior to their medication running out.

Provide patient summary report to their doctor.

Telehealth doctors are able to review the summary report with their patients.



Actively monitor medication to ensure refills are actualized


Provides patients with active reporting they can share with their medical practitioner

Family web app

Allows friends and family to comprehend that status of a love one


Ability to receive medication reminders and track status

A solution to proactively empower the patient to adhere and comply to their medication.