Medication Therapy Management


Arum Health believes in guiding patients through education to improve compliance and adherence.

Medication Therapy Management & Transition Care Management


Our comprehensive 30 day guided program will provide the patients with our five core components – a medication therapy review (MTR), personal medication record (PMR), medication-related action plan (MAP), intervention and/or referral, and documentation and follow-up. Requirements for Transition Care Management are woven into the core comments.



A systematic process of collecting patient and medication-related information which occurs during the Pharmacist-patient encounter. In addition, the review assists in the identification and prioritization of medication-related problems. During the MTM encounter, the Pharmacist develops a PMR for use by the patient.



The PMR includes all prescription and nonprescription products and requires updating as necessary. It provides patients with a means of communicating to providers and avoid receiving duplicate medications and potentially avoid serious side effects that can arise from drug-drug interactions.



After assessing and identifying medication-related problems, the Pharmacist develops a patient-specific MAP. The MAP is a list of self-management actions necessary to achieve the patient’s specific health goals. In addition, the patient and Pharmacist utilize the MAP to record actions and track progress towards health goals.

Patient Monitoring


Our service believes in the importance of having patients meet a Pharmacist as the initial start of our program. There is a comfort and confidence knowing that the Pharmacist and his team will contact the patient in 48 hours, on the 15th, and 30th day. Our goal is to help patients increase health literacy, medication adherence, and health compliancy resulting in better health.



During the MTM session, the Pharmacist identifies medication-related problem(s) and determines appropriate intervention(s) for resolution.