Arum Assisted Living

A Mobile and Web Solution for a value based care model

We provide value-add tools to lower hospital readmission. Arum Health delivers a comprehensive approach to collect, analyze and discover data. Our solution better assist patients and residents that are partaking in guided programs – Behavioral Care, Assisted Living, and Transitional Care

Behavioral Care

We offer a collective approach by providing a holistic tech solution to programs that assist behavioral care patient in a residency setting. Doctors, Caregivers, and family members are able to better comprehend, communicate, and collaborate during the patient recovery process.

Senior Care

Arum understands the value of medication adherence and compliance! We provide tools to assisted living community programs that assist chronically ill residents to better their health by understanding the benefits of medication adherence and compliance.

Transitional Care

Arum’s tech solution assist transitional resident programs lower hospital readmission. Arum’s tech apps allows case managers, medical technicians, doctor, and psychiatrists to consolidate data that captures patient’s health progress.



Provides patients with active reporting they can share with their medical practitioner


Actively monitor medication to ensure refills are actualized


Ability to receive medication reminders and track status


Controlled substance has the ability to be monitor by family and medical practitioner


Comprehend, Communicate, and Collaborate are the components that make a difference.